Facilities: The school provides adequate facilities for a conducive environment of teaching and learning. The class room size is per CBSE norms providing floor space of 1 sqmtr per student. The rooms are well ventilated and illuminated to provide free circulation of air and light. The Dust free chalk is used by the teachers so that students do not inhale chalk dust. The science labs are very well equipped and well stocked with apparatus, chemicals and models to conduct experiments up to senior secondary (+2) level. Likewise, the computer lab contains about enough personal computers of a good specification for students offering IT & Computer Studies at Secondary and Senior Secondary levels. The school library is maintained by a highly trained librarian and has about 10,000 books which caters students from class 1 to 12. Apart from the text books, reference books or subjects, novels, magazines and newspapers in English, Hindi & Urdu are available. For details see under facilities.

Chemistry Lab: is created separately for the students of senior secondary level to do all experiments at senior secondary level. The lab is well designed and well equipped with all necessary instruments, reagents & chemicals; especially chemical balances are of high quality. Ventilation is properly maintained for fumes and other unnecessary smell. In case of emergency, easily available outdoors (exit) and fire extinguishers are there.

Physics Lab: It is a large sized well equipped and well furnished modern lab which provides in depth knowledge to its pupils of senior secondary stage. New items and equipment are added every year to update as per CBSE guidance.

Biology Lab: It is equipped with the latest and most modern facilities, especially latest microscopes are installed. In this lab the experiments explained to & done by the students carry the details of animals and plants. It is designed to take care of the need of the students of +2 level for the CBSE board exam of 12th.

Mathematics Lab: The lab is also equipped with necessary instruments and materials related to mathematics to make the subject concept very clear. It contains all necessary mathematics kits for primary & secondary students and also has got laminated models and charts apart from students hand made. The lab also maintains framed wall- photographs of well known reputed mathematicians of Indian origin as well as Arabs, English, French, Germans, Americans, etc. so that the children may be aware of their biography for their motivation.

Computer Lab: The school has provision of computers from Class III onwards to make the students grow hand in hand with the computers technology. Computer aided learning/teaching is being undertaken in science, social science and mathematics for all classes. At moment we have about 30 computers in the lab. The lab appears to be well equipped and well maintained.

Smart Lab: Computer aided teaching using audio, video & graphic

Composite-cum-Demonstration Science Lab: There is a separate Composite-cum-Demonstration Science lab for classes VI to X. The Science laboratory is equipped with necessary instruments and materials related to Science courses in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The students shall learn by doing themselves all the relevant experiments prescribed in the course and also to supplement their knowledge in the field. Demonstrations for various topics of Biology, Chemistry & Physics are done to enhance concept clarity of the subject. Students really enjoy seeing demonstration of experiments related to theory.

Transportation: The school has a number of buses and vans. All of them are utilized to carry students and teachers to and from their homes. Parents and the students are quite happy with the facility provided.

Multipurpose hall : The school has got one big hall which is used for different purposes, especially for examination, workshop, seminar, etc.